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Public Policy Strategy

Public Policy Strategy Lawyers in West Des Moines, Iowa

What distinguishes our law firm, Coppola, McConville, Coppola, Hockenberg & Scalise, P.C., from many others is our significant, in-depth experience in the area of public policy. A critical component of our clients' success in public policy strategies is our knowledge of the issues, understanding of the key policy-makers in each particular area and the insider's perspective on how public policy is actually shaped.

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Our attorneys include lawyers who have dedicated a significant amount of their careers to the area of public policy strategy. They have worked in Washington and in Iowa in top posts and know key players in both arenas.

Areas of service our firm has particular strength in include: the financial industry, agricultural industry, the health care industry, and both local and national politics. Among the posts that our firm's lawyers have held are: Iowa attorney general, White House special fellowship council member, Mercy Hospital chairman of the board, West Bank director, independent counsel, and chair of the Chamber of Commerce.

Protect and Advance Our Clients' Interest in a Complex Political Environment

We have a broad and deep grasp of the complexity and inter-dependence of our political environment and know how to protect and advance a client's interests, with intelligence, resourcefulness, and effectiveness.

We have been able to effectively respond to current public policy issues as well as serve as proactive counsel, anticipating evolving issues that could affect our clients' interests.

Small, Collegial, and Client-Service-Oriented

Within our small, client-service-oriented law firm, our attorneys work together in a collegial atmosphere; their strengths complementing one another, and helping our clients understand and prepare to deal with all involved positions as we seek to develop optimum strategies for our clients.

We deal with state and federal government, regulatory, and legislative matters; compliance matters; business matters; public finance and taxes; health care reform; green development; and other matters.

Our attorneys have been involved in providing "boot camp" experience for those seeking to go into political campaigning or public service. Our work over the course of more than four decades in public policy has allowed our clients to access key public policy decision-makers.

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