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At the law office of Coppola, Carroll, Hockenberg, P.C. , our lawyers have been handling felony and misdemeanor criminal defense matters for clients throughout the state of Iowa for more than four decades. We are solutions-oriented, practical, and resourceful defense lawyers who know how to fight for your rights and make the law work for you, whether through skilled negotiation or aggressive and persuasive trial work.

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Remember when contacted by law enforcement before talking to them see your attorney and know your rights.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

In any criminal matter, it is important that you have representation as soon as you know that you are under investigation. Persons who are innocent of wrongdoing need legal counsel before speaking to authorities.  The police and detectives are focused on trying to develop facts of guilt, even when you are not guilty. They are professionals trained at the securing of statements favorable to their investigation.  The law allows them to mislead you or misstate facts to attempt to secure information.  You need to remember you have the right to remain silent and that it will not be held against you if you do so.  Your right is there to protect all persons.

Skilled in Analyzing and Preparing Strategic Defenses

Our criminal defense lawyers are skilled investigators who will thoroughly research and analyze the applicable facts and law in your case, and address and deal with any legal obstacles, no matter how complex, as we prepare a sound, strategic case in your defense.

Always Speak to Your Attorney First

If you have been contacted by law enforcement, even you have not been arrested, on drug charges, assault, OWI, embezzlement, money laundering, wire fraud, RICO, consumer fraud, including securities and insurance fraud or any other charge, you have the right to speak to your attorney before any interrogation. Exercise that right for your own best interest especially if you believe yourself to be innocent of any wrongdoing.  Asking for an attorney is not an admission of wrongdoing, but a sign that you will defend yourself, your innocence and assert the rights given you by the laws of this County and State.

Once one of our law firm's criminal defense lawyers are involved, we will begin aggressive and knowledgeable protection of your interests in the face of what can be an intimidating and overwhelming criminal justice system.

Client-Focused Criminal Defense

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