Employment Law


Our firm offers a variety of employment-based legal services including helping employees with many forms of job transitions and protecting employees who are being discriminated against, harassed, or retaliated against in the workplace.  We can offer you a listening ear and help guide you through what often are nuanced, individual, complex, and stressful situations on both sides.  We value each of our employee clients and strive not only to enforce the civil rights laws, but also to bring pragmatism and compassion to each individual situation.  Our practice extends throughout the state and to both private and public employers.  No matter the situation you are encountering at work, we can offer you insight and help.

When you need someone to represent you in court, our firm is experienced in trying employment cases before judges and juries.


Have you been wrongfully terminated from your job? We can help you evaluate your situation and provide advice on what constitutes illegal activity and whether you may have claims.  We can help guide you through the process of communicating with your former employer, as necessary, and filing claims before the applicable administrative entities (e.g. Iowa Civil Rights Commission and/or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and filing and pursuing claims in district court.


We believe it is our obligation to protect workers and educate employers as to the meaning of the civil rights laws and other laws that protect employees while at work.  If you are suffering in a situation that you believe constitutes harassment or a hostile work environment, we can help.  First, we can evaluate whether what is happening to you may constitute illegal workplace activity.  Second, we can provide you with guidance as to how to handle the treatment you are experiencing while also protecting your rights.


We were trying cases and protecting the rights of female workers before #metoo went viral on social media and Twitter, and we continue to try cases protecting all genders. We protect a woman’s right to equality in the workplace, including by protecting workers who have been discriminated or harassed based on gender, sexual orientation, and pregnancy, and including by protecting workers who are receiving unequal pay for the same work.  We can help you determine whether your situation constitutes discrimination or harassment based on sex or pregnancy, and how best to protect your rights or pursue claims that may exist.


Have you been offered an early retirement or a severance package that intends to end your employment early or prematurely?  We can help you evaluate your individual situation and answer many of the questions that employees often have when presented with a legal document or legal questions contemplating the end of their employment.


Our firm has experience handling employment cases for federal employees and Veterans, both of whom may have special rights and protections that apply to them.


Our firm protects whistleblowers at all levels.  If you are an employee who has lost his or her job or has been retaliated against for disclosing illegal activity, we can help you navigate the various laws that exist to protect whistleblowers in the workplace.  We can help you shine further light on the problems that can exist within both public and private employment and help protect you and your rights at the same time.


Many employees believe that they have been the subject of retaliation within the workplace, and that their employer has taken certain action(s) against them because of something they did.  We help employees who have been retaliated against.  Retaliation has a specific meaning under Iowa law, and we can help you evaluate whether your situation may qualify as illegal retaliation.