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Attorneys at the law firm of Coppola, Carroll, Hockenberg, P.C., bring more than four decades of experience in negotiating and mediating disputes and finding alternative dispute resolutions that work for our clients and save them time, money, and the turmoil of having a lawsuit hanging over their heads.

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Whether you are a defendant in a farm business claim, or a plaintiff bringing forward a legal matter against someone who has wronged you, or you are seeking compensation for an injury you suffered through personal injury or medical malpractice, our lawyers are prepared to vigorously and skillfully represent your legal interests, while providing you with a high level of personalized and respectful client service.

Long-Standing Clients Who Trust Our Judgment to Guide Them

Many clients have retained us for decades, through startup, governance issues and other matters, including partnership disputes. We have been involved in a significant amount of litigation, in particular in business and corporate litigation, public policy and public interest litigation, including as special prosecutor in the corruption and fraud investigation of the Clinton administration's Secretary of State. We number among our lawyers a former attorney general for the state of Iowa and certified mediators.

Yet we are cognizant that litigation is especially costly and it brings a legal matter out of the control of our clients and puts it into the hands of a jury and judge. Alternative dispute resolution may be a more effective way of resolving your legal concern, and we have the skills, honesty, and knowledge to achieve your goals without litigation. We are also adept in handling Alternative dispute resolution matters such as arbitration and mediation.

Will You Benefit From Mediation or ADR?

If we believe that your case will benefit from mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), based on our assessment and analysis of your case, then we will inform you. Our goal is to put your interests first and make the law work for you.

Our firm has successfully handled mediated business disputes and other ADR legal matters for clients in areas of law that include:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Employment disputes
  • Mediation in personal injury and wrongful death
  • Mediation in medical malpractice
  • Mediation in contested wills and probate
  • Business dispute mediation
  • Family law mediation

Going to trial should almost never be your first option. Contact us first.

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